Our Mission

We are looking to increase the enrolment rate of kids going to school Mali which is now nearly 61% but this rate may be less
The country’s literacy rate is one of the lowest in the world, with estimates varying between two-fifths and one-third of the population being able to read.
The literacy rate of women is significantly lower than that of men.
Expanding educational opportunities for the female population is also of interest to us.
Knowing that girls are family crystal if they shine the family shine which meane the Country will shine as well
We are at the start of a very challenging mission and will appreciate any advice to help us
fulfill our these challenges.

CEO Cheick Bah

(B.A.H) From Atlanta University of Business. He is ready for the challenge and will learn through the process. I am sure he will make an impact. He is young and inteligent person

Owner Mme Thiam Maimouna Niare

She has put herself through professional and further education while raising a young family. She always dreams to educate as many children as she can, believe in education. Mrs Thiam’s passion for educating motivated her to train to become a mature student’s teacher for the Malian language N’go.

Gran Mum
Granny Nah Coulibaly

The School have been name after her, she was a hard worker and devoted woman.The grandmother Nah Coulibaly was a devoted mother and a hard worker, she sold the vegetables, fruits and cotton she grew on her allotments.

School Stuff Member

Mrs Coulibaly has a DUT, License et Metrise en comptabilité Gestion a L’école IGLAM Minatou worked at Embal Mali and at Bureau des Impots de Bamako She has always a passion for using numbers to add value to projects and has been managing her own entrepreneurial business of buying and selling goods.