Founder Mrs Thiam Maϊmouna Niare

Mrs Thiam is mother of seven and has put herself through professional and further education while raising a young family. Mrs Thiam’s passion for educating motivated her to train to become a mature student’s teacher for the Malian language N’go. The aim for this was to train the teachers of adults’ learners so that they would be able to read and write even if at a basic level. She did this in the evenings while holding a full time job. Mrs Thiam is a retired accountant and worked at L’Institue D’economie Rural for over 30 years, starting as a placement student to becoming one of the most value members of the team. The president of Mali recognised this dedication and focus in 1998 by giving her an award during a formal ceremony held at the presidential residence. Mrs Thiam is an entrepreneur at heart and has been managing her own small businesses for many years. Opening her own school has always something she worked towards and has wanted to do for a long time. In particular girls’ education has been very important for her being the mother to four women. To achieve her goal, she personally invested in every aspect of the project to open Ecole Nah Coulibaly and is invested in ensure schools mission is attained. The other driver for opening this school was to create work for young qualified people in the capital during a time of economic instability in the country.


Grandma Nah Coulibaly

The grandmother Nah Coulibaly was a devoted mother and a hard worker, she sold the vegetables, fruits and cotton she grew on her allotments. Nah did not go to school but she was a very smart woman and did not need help with looking after her home and finances. She always encouraged her children and grandchildren to do all they can to be financially independent so that I could be fully in control of their own lives. For her life was all about having the drive and determination to tackle all challenges and reach your goal.