Nah Coulibaly primary school opened its doors the school year 2019-2020. The school currently operates 7 classrooms ranging from reception class to third year, starting with early years is a very important part of our drive to ensure children receive a strong start. Our objective is to grow the school by focusing through recommendation of parents who have chosen to send their children to us. We currently have had to establish the school as a private institution in order to be able to pay our very talented teachers who have agreed to join us in achieving our mission of educating every child one at a time. To ensure we prioritise the quality of learning we keep our class sizes small and use a variety of methods to teach reading, writing and numeracy skills. Our pupils are encouraged to use their surroundings and practical tools to learn, including but not limited to nature and some traditional Malian tools. We have seen our pupils develop even during our first tumultuous year while dealing with government restrictions while we navigate the challenges the pandemic has presented us with.

Private School Nah Coulibaly

Djenne Mosque